Services Provided by Us

In order to improve the quality of exports and creating demands for the members of the S.E portal, services are provided as follows:

  1. Producing demands for materials by introducing member's products and services in international markets and communities.

  2. Possibility to view the seller's credit along with his goods and services

  3. Providing validation services for customers and exporters and domestic buyers

  4. Keep Track of product's view rate and public records of client's satisfaction and comments.

  5. Keep record of view rates of a product or a company profile and notifying the company via Text Message.

  6. Provide accurate statistics about corporate profile surveys by Google Robots with providing a chart in their profile Dashboard.

  7. Listing inquiries and price requests by clients and notify the companies.

  8. An update list of which company, supplier and brand is at the top based on stars given by clients.

  9. Publishing a monthly magazine to introduce company, supplier and the brand of the month and provide it to both buyers and sellers who registered to receive the journal.

  10. Increasing export's demand and sending a list of requests to member's profiles.

  11. Send promotional messages to actual domestic and foreign buyers

  12. A Comprehensive site to meet all the needs of stone exports including all kind of suppliers (Quarry Owners, Manufacturers, Exporters, Artificial stone producers), Machineries, Raw Materials, Stocking and Warehouses, Consult and Transportation Companies

  13. Provide updated price lists for stones and a list of price's records

  14. The software calculates the price of finished stone and it's records

  15. The software calculates the cost of Stone Blocks in the Quarry

  16. Holding virtual exhibitions internationally

  17. Hold seasonal auctions internationally

  18. Complete detailed educational package for exporting stones

  19. CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management)

  20. Design and maintenance website members