Terms and Conditions of Use of S.E. Portal Services

Webmaster Speech

S.E Portal is a new and up-and-coming startup that has been designed and created with the great aim of improving the quality of buying, selling and exporting stones.
Therefore, it is hoped to provide the right conditions for this ambitious goal, so that both hardcoded and well-known exporters can easily find the right customer.
And well-off shoppers can easily reach their desirable quality
So, we will be happy that you will also be in the promotion of this ambitious goal and will appreciate this companion.
For this purpose, it is enough to introduce the portal S.E to friends and acquaintances of the possibility of continuing the activities of young Iranian specialists who have spent time and energy to make this space.

We hope you enjoy the good time with the S.E Portal

A. General Conditions

  1. All portal activities are under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and any violations of these laws will have legal and criminal liability for the offender.
  2. The publication of the portal content in the Internet is subject to the mention of the source and the link to the source, otherwise it will be governed by copyright laws.
  3. Any activity that leads to the destruction of the sector and all content of the website will be prosecuted under the Computer Crimes Act.
  4. At any time, there is a possibility to review and revise this list of rules, in which case the updated information will be displayed in a specific and highlighted form for a month, so the study of updated information is the responsibility of users of the site.
  5. In order to comply with current and future rules, there is no need to re-approve users and the user accepts any law and updating rules with his initial confirmation during the registration and completion of the information.
  6. The portal does not have any warranties or warranties for the proper functioning of the off-site websites to which they are linked, and everyone is responsible for the accuracy of their website's performance.
  7. All portal efforts are based on the accuracy of the information contained in all sections of the site, but there is no responsibility for this matter and it is only with the help of information received that users can monitor the content contained by users.
  8. Users' access is limited to the defined access rights of each group, and any access to other sectors will be beyond the defined search prosecution for the person seeking it.
  9. All rules are the responsibility of the portal users, and the portal manager adopts final decisions as the only dispute resolution authority between the users.
  10. Disputes and disputes related to the performance of the portal will be resolved peacefully. However, if the dispute settlement authority is needed, the Tehran Computerized Council Council will be the only officially approved dispute settlement authority of both sides.

B. The rules of Companies/Manufacturers/Quarries

  1. S.E stock marketers should have certain goods or services, and companies that have more than a month without goods and services will be deleted.
  2. If the item is "unavailable" for more than a month, the relevant product display will be automatically deleted, either as a gift or as a cash purchase.
  3. Correct insertion of goods and services is the responsibility of the seller and will be treated seriously with dealers who incorrectly enter information.
  4. The seller is required to insert the correct images of the goods and services in accordance with Islamic and religious standards
  5. The quality and beauty of the images of the goods and services leads to an increase in the number of visits and sales of goods, so make the most accurate and delicious images. Authorities are allowed to remove images of poor quality.

C. The rules of membering

  1. The user is obligated to provide his / her correct information. If any conflicts with the user's account are detected, the user is promptly suspended and will be informed by the decision of the portal manager.
  2. Insertion of images and profile of user's profile should be done in accordance with religious and Islamic standards

D. The rules of Commenting

  1. It is forbidden to insert content contrary to custom and law, and the content owner is responsible for the text inserted
  2. Advertise on comments is forbidden
  3. Any spamming operations are forbidden and will be prosecuted
  4. It is forbidden to use words that are unwelcome in comments and answers
  5. Insulting individuals and groups and ethnic groups is prohibited on all site content, and in particular in comments.‌