How to make a demand?

Every sale starts on demand

Purchasing demand is the most important factor that all manufacturers, sellers and exporters are seeking to obtain.

Pay attention to the following points:

The share of demand for international purchase is based on three main factors:
Participation in international stone exhibitions - 45% share
Internet and Internet Marketing - Share 45%
Personal communication - Share 10%

1. Participate in International Stone Exhibitions

Suppose the result of these exhibitions is to earn around 100 demands from the market, which is an appropriate and usual number for this trend.

2. Internet and Internet marketing

This method costs up to 30 million USD, which is only 10% of the exhibition cost. Therefore, provided the infrastructure is appropriate, the returns of 100 applications are realized at a much lower cost, only 10% of the previous method.

3. Personal, friend and familiar communication

Experience has shown that in a list of 100 friends of your friends, only about 20 people are interested in your topic of activity, and of these 20, only 5 people are seriously and responsibly in their dealings with you, and of these 5 Only 2 people accept this responsibility on a long-term basis and only if they are beneficiaries of your project. So, to determine the efficiency of this method, just look at the number of people in your list of acquaintances. Also, suppose you are a buyer of stones that need to import stones. How much do you buy from other people and how much confidence do you have in your opinion?

what should we do?

By having the right infrastructure and training, you will achieve these goals by making the right and most expedient and using the site focused service to achieve a high share of demand.