Customer Credit Evaluation

Getting the knowledge of a client's credit before the contract is one of the most important factors in reducing the risk of a contract and determining how to communicate with the customer. Currently, due to the lack of LC, and in accordance with the conditions governing the banks, with the aim of helping export and assistance to the members of the portal, in order to prevent any possible foreign customers from exploiting when the members of the portal intend to buy credit To them, the portal evaluates your customers' credit through the Export Guarantee Fund and announces their credit ceiling to the applicant. In this way, members can rely on their credentials to safely negotiate a contract with the Export Guarantee Fund safely.

How to validate customers:

We send customer information to the Export Support Fund
We pay the validation fee
The Fund, through its agents, validates and determines the customer's credit limit

The exporter, based on the above information, can export the contract of export to the stated limit to the insurance fund and then act on providing credit to the client.
This validation allows the customer to give credit to their customers to win their trust and increase their exports.