Calculate Cost Price Software

The finished product has always been one of the most fundamental concerns in the stone industry, because despite the efforts of industry owners to estimate these values correctly, the factors involved in the calculation of the price are not fully understood or because of the lack of verification of this record. For some calculations, some factors are considered to be more important than the rest of the factors, which make the calculations incorrect.

Today, using the knowledge of business intelligence (BI) and by the efforts of stone industry researchers and using some of the most valuable experiences of some stone owners, the cost price software can provide a reliable estimate.

Although BI recommends that during the life of this software, it is necessary to examine new experiences in order to provide an opportunity to improve the computational quality. Therefore, it is necessary to know the personal experience of members in using the software to calculate the price, so that the quality of the calculations remains usable.

Regarding the fact that some of the factors involved may not be modified or identified, the comments of the experts of the stone industry will help us to complete other factors involved in the calculation.

The software is designed to be very simple and functional so that everyone in the stone industry can easily use it. For example, when you enter information, you can optionally delete any of the invoices, and after entering other information, you can also get a new product price by one click.

Tips: In order to improve the quality of the result, it is suggested to make a similar sheet as in the software with titles and subjects in your accounting book,so you wouldn't need to recalculate the finished prices at the end of the month again. simply You would only give the values to the software.

In software design, 16 different factors have been used, some of which include:

  1. Buying stone from quarry
  2. Transportation cost from quarry to factory
  3. The cost of resin and epoxy and monthly payments
  4. Manpower costs
  5. And other effective factors

Registering these records for several consecutive months will allow you to see your cost bottlenecks so you can take effective and quick action to lower your costs and increase your profitability.