Considering the unprecedented decline in the structure of the construction industry in recent years, many mines and factories have been dumping massive quantities of rock products. However, many of these depleted products carry high maintenance costs on their homeowners. On the other hand, criticizing these products will help in the liquidity of the product owner and will stop many unwanted costs, including storage and product storage costs. Portal auctioning S.E is designed to clean up those products and help with liquidity in the industry to sell products that have not been sold for some time.

In order to manage the auctioning procedure and to allow the full exploitation of sellers and buyers of these auctions, the following rules and conditions apply to all auctions:

  1. Each auction has two types of participant, seller and buyer. Each user can only participate in one of these two types of auction participant.
  2. Registration of auctioned dealers will stop 10 days from the start of the auction, and within this 10-day deadline, sellers are required to cooperate fully with the portal's representatives in order to check the quality of their products and be allowed to participate in the auction.
  3. Sellers will receive a fee for verifying the statements as well as good execution of the obligations that will be refunded after completion of the auctioning cycle and if the obligations are fulfilled.
  4. Sellers will not have the right to intervene as long as they have put their goods at auction. If it is necessary to cancel the auction, it is necessary to announce to the representative of the S.E. portal a statement from the previous week.
  5. After the auction request, the buyers also deposit a fee to the account holder, which will be returned to the account after completing the auctioning cycle and will be returned to them in case of strict implementation of their obligations.
  6. In the event of a promise or inaccuracy of the claims of each participant, 80% of the amount of the guarantee will be paid to the other party in order to restore reputations, and the rest will be credited to the portal for fines. The offender may also be penalized for not attending one or more auctions.
  7. The only dispute resolution authority at each auction is the Portal Manager S.E or its representatives who have been authorized by the Portal Manager and the participants have accepted this issue with their participation at the auction.