About Us

The SE Portal is located at www.stoneexporters.net with the direct support of the Iranian Stone Society and the Iranian Consortium and aimed at promoting the export of stone under the most advanced scientific and commercial methods, in order to increase demand and increase the share of domestic demand And extraneous changes.

Nowadays, thanks to the new technologies and because of the removal of the distance dimension, the world of export is more than the physical world, a virtual world, because buyers in this way can examine thousands of suppliers around the world in a very short time, and this is the point. Has led many vendors who enjoy high-quality product and after-sales service to find the opportunity to participate in massive export markets.
In order to achieve the ambitious goal of increasing the level of export and sale of stones and related tools and services, a team of elite and elite energy elders in the field of specialized IT have managed to gather together and in a space of all vitality and interest To operate and develop our beloved country, Iran has launched SE Portal and we are constantly updating the facilities and services provided to our fellow countrymen and provide them with quality and in order to generate demand for sales and exports.